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JENSEN HUGHES Academy provides web-based fire and electrical safety training to learners across the United States and throughout the world, distributed through our partnerships with the nation's premier fire protection organizations as well as through direct sales to corporations and government agencies. With the release of the JENSEN HUGHES Academy self-paced training center in 2012, the company is making its training available directly to fire protection technologists, engineers and architects for the first time.

JENSEN HUGHES Academy's fire and electrical safety training library provides unmatched coverage of the field. The courses are written by noted experts in fire protection codes and standards who also have extensive hands on experience. The result is high-impact courses designed for professional engineers and technicians who require training on demand, delivered in a straightforward but engaging presentation.

As a division of JENSEN HUGHES, JENSEN HUGHES Academy is proud of its affiliation with some of the world's foremost fire protection professionals. The staff at JENSEN HUGHES consists of an internationally renowned group of over 1,200 engineers, scientists, and computer programmers, as well as trainers and other specialists, who are among the best in their fields. The expertise of the JENSEN HUGHES team provides the core of JENSEN HUGHES Academy's fire and electrical safety training.

JENSEN HUGHES Academy is located in Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga has achieved international recognition as the first city in the US to develop an ultra-capacity, gigabit-speed fiber optic network available to the entire city. As such, it is an ideal location to host JENSEN HUGHES Academy's online training program.

JENSEN HUGHES is headquartered in Baltimore, MD. JENSEN HUGHES has offices throughout the United States and around the world, including:

Mid-Atlantic Region

  • Maryland: Baltimore
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
  • Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, Pentagon

New England-North Central Region

  • Massachusetts: Boston
  • New York: New York City, Armonk
  • Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland
  • Illinois: Chicago
  • Minnesota: Rockford
  • Rhode Island: Providence

Western Region

  • Colorado: Denver
  • California: San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles

South - Southwestern Region

  • Florida: Orlando
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque
  • North Carolina: Raleigh
  • Texas: Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth

International Offices

China, South Korea, Europe, United Kingdom

About JENSEN HUGHES Academy's Self-Paced Online Courses

JENSEN HUGHES Academy's library of fire protection and electrical safety courses were written by noted experts in the field and designed according to the exacting ANSI standard required by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). As an IACET-Approved provider of Continuing Education Units, JENSEN HUGHES Academy designs its courses for the most efficient delivery to its core audience of fire protection technologists, engineers, architects and other professionals.

About JENSEN HUGHES Academy's Learning Management System

JENSEN HUGHES Academy maintains its training records in a secure environment. Each learner's training records are available 24/7. When a course is successfully completed, the records are automatically created and are available instantly. Certificates of Completion are also immediately available and can be saved and printed at any time.

JENSEN HUGHES Academy's learning management system is protected by LBMC Managed Security Services intrusion detection system (IDS). The state of the art firewall and IDS is monitored by its Network Operations Center around the clock by LBMC's staff of network security experts.

JENSEN HUGHES Academy also provides its courses to many of the world's largest fire protection companies. JENSEN HUGHES Academy integrates its courses with these companies' Learning Management Systems via AICC and SCORM, the most widely implemented interoperability standards used by training organizations around the world.

For companies that do not have their own learning management systems, JENSEN HUGHES Academy's learning management system provides a very cost-effective solution. For companies whose trainees access JENSEN HUGHES Academy's courses through the JENSEN HUGHES Academy online training center (this web site, www.jensenhughesacademy.com), the learning management system is provided free of additional charge. Many companies, however, have selected JENSEN HUGHES Academy's learning management system as their own corporate training management solution. For these clients, JENSEN HUGHES Academy hosts their learning management system, branded with the client's identity and managed exclusively for their trainees. For more information about the learning management system, call us at 800-930-9414 ext 1600, or email mbradshaw@jensenhughes.com.

JENSEN HUGHES Academy will never share learner information with unauthorized parties. Parties authorized to review trainee records are limited to JENSEN HUGHES Academy training administrators, the trainee, the party that purchased the training, if other than the trainee, or other parties specifically authorized by the trainee or the purchaser of the training.

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